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Mailing list post. 23 Jan 2020

Shaun at Greenhill is sponsoring the resurrection of Bulk Sample imports to Batches, It Is a popular topic, please see whether his Bika Dairy version would work for you and how it could be taken further. It is a prototype, we are doing a few workarounds. It only does one Analysis Profile per Sample at the moment, to be expanded as requirements dictate.

Bulk Sample import to Batch feature request. From Veterinary Sampling sheets. Minimal Google sheet Example

We use Bika/Senaite LIMS to start with, and in a next phase when Shaun start taking diagnostic analyses and more patient information is required, use Health as a Patient and Doctor/Vet server. In Dairy, Vets are registered on the system as Verifiers, a regulatory requirement, linked to their Clients with access to their animal data only.

Health does not have regular Batch processing necessary in Vet labs - does it do Samples without patients - and only limited Patient attributes are needed. Where necessary for epidemiology purposes, the rest of Health stays available.

Such a central Patient and Caregiver server will be well suited in district roll-outs of Bika/Senaite Health elsewhere too


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    Re assembled, thanks @Mike!

    Complete the CSV

    In this example I used only one profile LactoscopeAll, for all the dairy tests destined for the Lactoscope. It was configured via the UI in the system earlier


    From the Client's Imports tab

    Import if no errors in file

    The LIMS x-checks the field values presented in the CSV against the DB, lists errors to be fixed. If none, the Import's status advances to Valid, and it may be imported

    Into a Batch

    Samples in Batch

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