COA for 2017 ISO 17025. Single Sample

Hi All

Please comment on the Bika ISO 17025 2017 single sample COA in design at the moment

Requirements not addressed yet:

  • Sampling schedule and version - Bika Sampling Round and its Version
  • Sampling procedures - Require Sampling Procedures in the setup, with name, description, version, and SOP attachment say
  • Analyses Sub Contracted - Subcontracting yet to be sponsored. Part workaround is to add a Sub contracted flag on the ASs that are always outsourced. Maybe also the name of the lab subcontracted if there are more than one. These results be iconised as subcontracted on the COA

Related QC Results - Though shown on the mock-up, and included earlier, not required in this region

Looking forward to nail it, all feedback welcome


  • More gaps are plugged in the 2017 ISO 17025 single sample COA in design (updated), some rather deep going:

    • Field Analyses are back, and integrated into Analysis Location
    • Subcontractors Lite - simple first steps towards full Subcontracting functionality. More information in Improvement Request
    • In Bika/Senaite workflow, where clients can look-up results online after Verification, the Verifier user is actually the ISO required Publisher
    • Compliance. Specifications and Uncertainties. The algorithm Bika uses Analysis/Product Specifications only to determine whether a result is in Range or not, is not entirely correct....
    • Republication of COAs will have to be revisited, the fresher copy must reference previous COAs and indicate that they are being replaced

    Is becoming a hefty piece of customisation, all contributions welcome

  • Water quality laboratory, Test It, sponsors fixing some of these on the single sample COA. A relief - never since Bika LIMS' first audit in 2004 did it not satisfy ISO 17025 accreditation requirements

    Thorough audit trails, role based authorisation, workflow management, reports and graphs and a regulatory inspector role, all adds to making certification easier, with much less admin and paperwork

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