Enough already. "Be alert...

... humanity needs lerts"

Graffiti from the equally distressing time when conscripted to defend apartheid

We have a number of enquiries wrt to Covid screening and it looks like it could be a very simple implementation - using Open Source sans the rampant poor taste opportunism witnessed in some quarters at the moment

The requirement is for 

  • High throughput Samples with 1 Analysis each, say SARS-CoV-2 Detected Y/N/NA
  • Instrument Interfaces
  • Results export
  • Less emphasis an patient history and demographics (potentially managed in HIS/EMR)

The latter dictates Bika LIMS, which handles batches better, and which is not available in case-centric Bika Health. Client Sample ID (CSID) can be used for the clinics and medics to reference Patients in their own systems. No problems with patient privacy for the lab either.

Instruments doing spreadsheet or text data exchanges can be interfaced very quickly, serial instruments on vendor middleware too.

We resurrected CSVs as results publication medium recently, and this can easily be fitted to the formats required.

Thoughts? I might have missed something... These systems once customised (1 week) can be put together in single days, it literally has almost nothing to configure. Looking forward to hear from you

Lemoene Smit

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