Any new Bika Senaite installs configuring? Load setup data XLSX 1.1

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​If anybody is configuring.... Passin' the baton

​Recently we did much work on the setup data scripts while attempting to load a big and thoroughly completed multi-disciplinary Bika Senaite configuration including full state food regulations as Specifications. I think because of some fields not been used for a while, there were plenty glitches. We got most uploaded, thanks Mike, Inus, except for the items listed below, which then became more economical to do manually.

Like so often, project teams then move on and code improvements and fixes are left to be tended to only next time needed. They may already be helpful to fresh implementations (and to be future proofed and assimilated properly:)

If needed already, let us know, we need to make time to publish a better-but-not-perfect Gist,.

Biggest improvements were

  • Identifying all AS children records uniquely on Keyword rather than Title
  • Improved error logging - easier to find errors in the sheets

Known bugs not tended to, LIMS-3070Load setup data Script 1.1

The procedure better documented now, 4.8 Import setup data, and work on the spreadsheets themselves, made friendlier and brought online as Google sheet.

Bests, Lemoene 



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