Date and and time of analysis start - analysis end

I'm trying to do a possible workaround to add date and time of analysis start date and analysis end date.
Thus far I was successful for calculating incubation time by doing the following:

  1. Created a calculation(Colilert T0 for incubation start time and Colilert T1 for incubation end time) by importing time module and time function to return the number of seconds since the epoch of 1 Jan 1970 , 00:00:00. and added time capture as a interim field, and wrote the formula like this : time() * [tc]
    This allows to capture a value for the formula to run and return the number of seconds since the epoch. (Attachment 1)
  2. I then created an analysis service for each of them and assigned each of them the calculation (Attachment 2)

  3. Created calculation for "Colilert approximate incubation time" by subtracting Colilert T0(keyword=tm02t0) from Colilert t1(keyword=tm02t1) and divide by 3600 to convert the answer in seconds to hours. The formula looks like this ([tm02t1]-[tm02t0]) / 3600. Attachment 3

  4. It works great. When entering the value 1 to time capture interim field the formula runs and returns a result in seconds since the epoch. Once incubation time end is entered the correct incubation time is calculated. Attachment

Now I want to do the same by importing the time and strftime function. strftime("%c") as calculation, and the calculation runs when tested : attachment 5

However I have a problem because the strftime cannot be manipulated by adding a interim field and multiplying by one so there is no way of making the calculation run. So I'm stuck with a calculation that works but I can't make it run when capturing data. attachment 6

Do you have any ideas?

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