Instrument Maintenance Report

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Hope this finds you well. I have been pottering around a bit in BikaLims, but I am interested in running some reports about my instruments (e.g. how many of them need bi-annual calibration as opposed to annual). How can I do this, is there a way for me to create my own reports?

​Could be an easy report to code...​That said, we Bika does not have a display column for Instrument calibration cycle, just expiry date (unfeasibly futuristic in the screen shot:)

It is getting easier to create your own report lay-outs but doing so has a templating threshold to scale - don't believe LIMS vendors selling you WYSIWIG report generators... Another option could be is to make more columns available on lists and provide a CSV export button. Pivot tables are alive and kicking I understand.

​The world cup solution would be to alert lab managers in ample time of maintenance tasks to schedule.

Pick any two of good, cheap and fast: A professional coder will code your reports, depending on complexity, quickly and affordably. Or, rope some computer science students in to write your reports as part of their task work. Reports are relatively easy and a good entry point.

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