Bulk Sample import can be made sexier. Sometimes

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In what is starting to look a lot like the UI once developed for UW, where Samples were created and all shared attributes captured only once at Batch level instead of on a big laborious Sample registration form for each Sample individually, the same can be done for batched sample imports by adding another sheet to the spreadsheet book, capturing the values only once from where they can be looked up automatically by the sheet to be imported

At the same time time getting rid of the unnecessary infotoxin and poorly labelled fields of the legacy import sheets, brought back into the latest code base only recently

In this Bika Dairy example for Greenhill these were greyed out already on the original:

But it can be captured like this in a sheet that is almost becoming presentable:

See full Story in the tracker, Processing bulk Dairy Samples 2. Batch Sample Import (LIMS-3185)

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