Configuration import tips

Big configuration imports can take a while to complete, say 20+ minutes depending on hardware, and it becomes frustrating to debug the sheets every time the upload fails in which case nothing is imported - all kinds of problems await if broken records do not imported and all of the rest do

All failed import attempts stay on the server and are difficult to get rid of because DB restrictions. Also that URL is spoiled. Imports best be done in dev environment until it works before deploying on the lab's Test server, then Production Test
Manual, Importing the setup sheets

Best practice is to divide the sheets in logical sections, and do them one at a time - to this purpose we are at the time of writing, looking to make them easier to separate. Dependencies have to be loaded first

These parts work well:

  1. Lab information, currently the first 4 sheets
  2. Clients and Contacts
  3. Sample Containers, Matrices, Types, Points etc.
  4. Methods and Instruments, Certificates, Suppliers and Contacts
  5. Analysis Services, Categories Calculations
  6. AS dependents: Uncertainties, Results Options, Specifications, Profiles
  7. Reference Definitions, Worksheet Templates and the last of the static lookups
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