LIMS Covid configuration. How?

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Edit Update soon re running a 500 sample batch and very good performance metrics. Write-up
Earlier i guesstimated that, because the perceived simple configuration for Covid screening, one should be able to have such a Bika Senaite LIMS up and running in a day, shorter if on the cloud. I grabbed on of those and did a simple configuration, to be tested, in just over an hour. I might be missing some...

Virologists, please review  top level discussion doc Setting up Bika LIMS for Covid screening and comment (inline). Hugely appreciated. Sans the images, it is probably only a one pager

We hope to get round for a quick test later today and report back here. With enough time, also fill the config out a bit, e.g. by uploading the Crick Covid19 SOPs - awesome documentation, was too much actually for the time we had available, very much thank you Crick operations team

Purpose of this document
* Hopefully this write-up generates enough feedback to improve the configuration - it’ll be freely distributed with the system
* Demonstrating that it is possible to get such a system up and running and tested in one day
This was always going to be an inbetween task. We wanted to know how long it would take, and used Google stopwatch to stop timing when having to break away. I did not have access to a virologist and guessed at some of the setup - please suggest improvements



  • It works, here from a standard COA (with the usual minor irritations - would prefer Positive or Detected instead of 1, brighter OOR alert icons, ...)



    Next opportunity I'll take a sledgehammer to it, beeg batches etc.

  • 500 Sample batch experiment under way, preview, Bika Covid at Full Tilt

    Imnsho, any LIMS worth its salt should perform very well under such light loads, no big deal - maybe this run will convince doubters that Open Source LIMS does it with the very best, and with much more freedom, reduced cost

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